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Bonus One

Comprehensive Essential Oil Guide

Bonus Two

Beginner Soap Making Simple Homemade Recipes

Bonus Three

Coconut Oil For Health And Beauty

With the number of expensive and chemical laden products on the market who wouldn’t want to make their own spa quality natural beauty products? Affordable, decadent and luxurious bath teas and soaks, to rich body butters, moisturisers and polishes at your fingertips!

“Simple Homemade Natural Beauty” has over 125 bath & body recipes and it is my hope this book will inspire you to be increasingly natural in your personal care both for your own beauty and the health of the planet.

Goat’s Milk Coffee Soap, Beginner Soap Making, Simple Homemade Recipes

In our hurried and stressful lives, don’t you agree that it can often be difficult to take time for self care. Spa-like treatments and products are only an ooh and an ahh away with these simple natural beauty products. Why not create a restful retreat in your home, where you can can relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Taking time for self-care needn’t involve depleting your bank account on store-bought body care products or an expensive trip to the local spa. Make self-care more regular and natural by trying these simple recipes with pure, natural ingredients. Besides being a thrifty alternative, you can rest easy knowing your body is not being exposed to any harmful chemical ingredients or perfumes.

picIf you are interested in saving money by learning how to make your own beauty recipes and products we have created a step-by-step guide and instructions to get you started quickly and easily…

Or if you are interested in simple natural beauty and health that is in harmony with nature
I’ll also give some dietary suggestions that specifically work from the inside to purify and beautify your outer appearance and natural glow.

If you are interested in natural everyday skin, lip, hair and foot care
we give you information to easily and simply take care of yourself everyday and more.

Pamper yourself and discover how to create your own bath and body products and transform your home into your own luxurious spa oasis!

Simple Homemade Natural Beauty & Spa Quality Products at Home Contains More Than 125 Step-By-Step Recipes – Plus it is loaded full of additional natural health care information


natural beauty_newInside Simple Homemade Natural Beauty you will discover a collection of more than 125 spa recipes that you can use or easily adapt to your own skin and health care needs!

We have made it easy for you to change the essential oils or add other ingredients, by providing you with a comprehensive guide to base beauty products

It’s entirely up to you — the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

For me, beauty is essentially the result of harmony with nature. When I apply a cream to my skin, I want my skin to feel harmonious, not attacked or shocked into obedience. Natural beauty also often requires some work from the inside out. So you’ll also see that I’ll give some dietary suggestions that specifically work from the inside to purify and beautify your outer appearance and natural glow.

This collection of recipes contains extensive product formulations and ideas along with a wide assortment of spa product recipes, as well as additional resources including common chemicals in commercial beauty products and potential dangers.

You will also find a list of tools to get you started, a list of base ingredients for natural beauty.

You will also find inside this comprehensive ebook:

  • General Skin Care Tips
    – Including suggestions for basic natural skin beauty from the inside
  • Essential Oil Safety
    -You have an almost unending variety to choose from when it comes to giving fragrance to your creations. There are a few basic safety precautions you will want to become familiar with before beginning your essential oil adventure
  • Body and Face Scrubs
    – Scrub of the old and renew your skin with these decadent scrubs.
  • Facial Masks
    – Learn the basic categories for face masks and choose the best recipe to suit your own skin type.
  • Caring for the Eyes
    – Treat wrinkles and your eyes naturally, the best products to use and recipe ideas.
  • Luxurious Bath Melts, Bath Salts & Bath Teas
    – By far my favourite product to make for myself and as gifts! Everything from soaks for sore muscles to relaxing lavender melts.
  • Bubble Baths & Bath Bombs
    – Remember taking bubble baths as a child and what fun that was? Well, bubble baths have come a long way from there, but are just as simple and enjoyable now that you are an adult. Bath bombs make creative homemade gift items.
  • Toners & Mists
    – Toners contain a skin firming qualities and are often applied to bare skin after cleansing and prior to moisturising, create your own amazing toners.
  • A Simple Handmade Soaps & Sanitizers recipe.
    – Avoiding the commercial antibacterial hand sanitizer habit is a smart idea, let us show you a simple recipe to create you own natural, product.
  • Lip Care Lip Balms & Glosses
    – Have healthy beautiful lush lips with these lip care methods, natural balms and glosses.
  • Massage Oils Blends
    – Create massage blends to suit your mood including uplifting, calming and meditative blends as well as blends for cellulite and muscle soreness.
  • Perfumes and Scented Waters
    – By far one of the most popular chapters of Simple Homemade Natural Beauty. Create beautiful scents without the use of harsh chemicals

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And just in case these 125 detailed recipes and ingredient lists aren’t enough…

Simple Homemade Natural Beauty & Spa Products at Home Also Comes Includes Treasure-Trove Of Bonus Resources And Reference Materials

  • Getting Started – Tools A list of tools to get you started creating your own beautiful products.
  • Keep It Clean – Sanitization Keep your workspace and products clean and sanitized, with these tips and ideas
  • Find Your Niche & Develop Your Brand Are you interested in creating spa products to sell? We give you some tips to get you started including – packaging with creativity, pricing and cost and distribution.
  • Sourcing Ingredients: Online Resources Lists Get started with this list of online resources, we have included a list for United States, Australia & New Zealand, Canada and the UK.
  • Oral Care Learn how to look after your mouth & teeth naturally, included is our natural homemade toothpaste recipe.
  • Hair Care When it comes to hair care, this is also a place where our habits need some careful evaluation as we make the switch to a more natural hair care regimen. We have lots of ideas no matter your hair type or colour.
  • Foot Care Our feet put in a lot of work for us and deserve to be treated kindly. We give you some soak formulations and additional tips and tricks to taking care of your feet.
  • Natural First Aid We have list a few beginner natural first aid ideas to get you started. Including bug bites, cold and flu remedies, head lice and rashes.


What I like about this book is the fact that it has recipes for things such as hair, nails, athletes foot, bath, face and many other things. I bought other books for homemade natural products but they didn’t have everything that I needed and I felt that their recipes were not simple enough for me to follow. For me the ingredients for most of these recipes I can go to my Natural Grocers to get it. And it is easy and simple enough to follow.

I’m going to try as many as I can. Also at our natural grocers they also have the little containers that you can put these recipes in which makes it a little bit easier for storage. I will be looking for more books from this author in the future. I love simple and straightforward things to follow. This is a five-star e-book for me!!!!!

Dee Kalten

3I’ve read quite a few natural skin/cosmetic care recipe guides over the years and this is one of the best!

The recipes and other information in this book is presented in an organized and professional manner. Simple to make recipes that run the gamut from body moisturizers, natural deodorants, all kinds of bath products, lip care…even several natural hand sanitizers! I really appreciated finding out about those as I have been using the commercial types at times, with hesitation.

I’m looking forward to making several of these recipes in the near future. Instead of a lot of intricate instructions and sometimes hard to find items and equipment to assemble, these recipes can usually be made with items already found in your home or easily obtained at a health food or grocery store.

Highly recommended!
Gerry Hart

So what’s a fair price to pay for this one-of-kind Comprehensive Natural Beauty Guide

Originally, I planned to sell the book for $59 because provides so much value when you consider all of the information included. But I decided to offer the complete Simple Homemade Natural Beauty and Spa Products at Home for the very fair price of just $4.95

You will save much more than the entire cost when you make your first batch of product! Not to mention the hours of time and effort you’ll save simply by having ALL the information you need in one place.


    2I am quite happy that I stumbled across this book. I’m just starting to get interested in the things I can make at home for my beauty care. This book is full of tons of new ideas. They also seem easy enough that I can make them with my daughter.

    I found it interesting that the author didn’t use petroleum jelly, like I’ve found in most other books. The author expressed that she loves to give her recipes as gifts. I plan to do the same. This book is a keeper.

    Monica- Australia


    This book covers almost all you could want or need on the subject. I have been one of those people who refuses to buy cosmetics and the like for a couple of years, but it has been difficult to find alternatives in some cases. This book pretty much had it all. I would definitely recommend it to others.

    Sue Hill

    100% Satisfaction Guaranatee Try Out Simple Homemade Natural Beauty and Spa Products at Home for a FULL 7 Days, Entirely At My Risk

    I’m convinced that you will get so much from Simple Homemade Natural Beauty and Spa Products at Home that this comprehensive guide has, no questions asked complete 7 day Money Back Guarantee.

    Download your copy of Simple Homemade Natural Beauty and Spa Products at Home instantly and start using it instantly. After you have tried and tested the products and throughly read through all the content, if you are not 100% satisfied and happy with your purchase, simply let us know within 7 days of you r initial purchase for a prompt and courteous refund.

    Jut so you know the entire refund process is handled by ClickBank, the world’s largest secure payment processor for ebooks.

    There is no risk to you! You either love and want to keep Simple Homemade Natural Beauty and Spa Products at Home or you can get a full refund!

    Download Your Copy of Simple Homemade Natural Beauty and Spa Products at Home Now For Only $4.95 and Start Making Your Own Decadent Completely Natural Beauty Products

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    Not Satisfied? I Will Make it Even Easier for you To Try Simple Homemade Natural Beauty and Spa Products at Home.

    header2I have decided to make this deal so good by including these additional free download that you will receive when order you copy of Simple Homemade Natural Beauty and Spa Products at Home.


    Bonus 1: Essential Oil (Value $19)

    natural beauty_newThe perfect companion to your “Simple Homemade Natural Beauty and Spa Products At Home” ebook. The comprehensive Essential Oil Guide will help in making selections from this vast array of fragrance heaven that can be found in these powerfully potent vials of aromatic bliss. Included is Matches Made in Heaven to make it even easier for you to create delightful products.


    Bonus 2: Beginner Soap Making Simple Homemade Recipes (Value $19)

    natural beauty_newAll the information you need to get started with Soap making. Included is cold and hot pressed soaps, milled, milk, liquid & melt and pour soaps. Safety, saponification charts and loads more information, just too much to mention here.
    This eBook is YOURS FREE with your Simple Homemade Natural Beauty & Spa Products as Home purchase.


    Bonus 3: Coconut Oil For Health & Beauty (Value $23)

    natural beauty_newAnti-aging, skin care, weight loss, recipes and more….. As a long time fan of the benefits of coconut oil, this book has been throughly researched and includes an enormous amount information. Just one of the many amazing reviews this book has received: Since I am still a fairly newbie to using Coconut Oil for my hair, skin, and recipes, this book I found to have all the information that I was searching for and MORE! It covers why Coconut Oil is is so important to skin, hair and all over health. And I found so many reasons why I should use this healthy oil!

    Simple Homemade Natural Beauty and Spa Products at Home on it’s own is worth the price of this entire collection, but with the $59 worth of FREE Extras, plus my 100% 60-day Money Back Guarantee the decision to buy should be a very easy.


    Gain Instant Access Now to Simple Homemade Natural Beauty and Spa Products at Home (Plus $59 Worth Of FREE Extras) For Just $4.95
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    To your natural beauty and enjoyment!

    Annie Needs

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