Health & Beauty Benefits of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Health & Beauty Benefits of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon essential oil has a warm, spicy musky smell, this scent is typically used in masculine scents and under notes that depict a more earthy scent.There are so many ways to use and get the benefits out of this beautiful oil and it has many benefits.

Health & Beauty Benefits of Cinnamon Essential Oil

  • Enhance and Uplift You Mood

Use it in your vaporisers and burners to enhance and uplift mood also helps to relieves symptoms of depression.

  • Relieves Respiratory Problems

It helps relieve the coughing and wheezing in bronchitis and alleviates its symptoms.

  • Antiseptic Properties

It has powerful antiseptic properties which can be ward off potential infectious diseases.

  • Blends Well With Other Herbs For a Variety of Uses

It blends well with benzoin, cloves, coriander, frankincense, ginger and grapefruit.

  • Enhances Mental Activity

Cinnamon oil boosts brain activity and is also called a brain tonic. This enhances mental concentration and prevents memory loss. Experts say that students who were exposed to cinnamon oil performed better in cognitive activities.

  • Enhances Blood Circulation

Cinnamon aids the circulation of blood and effectively transports the oxygen into tissues.

  • Relieves Pain

Cinnamon essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties which relieves pain.

  • Prevents Blood Clots

Cinnamon oil has a component which prevents blood from clumping. This is for ideal use among people who have potential cardiovascular problems.

  • Regulates Glucose Levels

This has the ability to regulate glucose and restore them back to normal. This is ideal for people who have diabetes.

  • Antibacterial Properties

It helps fight off germs. It is effective on both internal and external infections.

  • Reduces Risk Of Colon Cancer

This helps improve intestinal health thus reducing the risk of developing colon cancer.

  • Reducse Bad Breath

Cinnamon oil reduces the symptoms of bad breath and gives off a fresh scent.

  • A Helpful Digestive Aid

This aids in indigestion and prevents the occurrence of heartburn and nausea.

  • Relieves Morning Sickness

Since it serves as a helpful digestive aid, this also relieves morning sickness

  • Aids In Respiratory Problems

This provides relief to respiratory problems such as asthma, congestion and sore throat.

  • Provides Relief From Menstrual Cramps

Cinnamon oil provides relief from menstrual cramps and discomfort.

  • Aids In The Secretion Of Breast Milk

Cinnamon oil can stimulate breast milk and can enhance better milk let down for lactating mothers.

  • Serves As An Good Flavoring Agent

This can be added to food while cooking; it gives off a fresh flavor and enhances it.

  • Can Serve As An Air Freshener

The pleasant smell of cinnamon makes it a good air freshener and is an ideal mix for potpourris.

  • Serve As A Mosquito Repellent

Cinnamon oil serves as a great mosquito repellent and can be an ideal use for outdoors.

  • Boosts Immune System

It has antiviral and antimicrobial properties which boost the immune system, warding off potential illnesses.


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