25 Best Foods To Detox Your Body

25 Best Foods To Detox Your Body

25 Best Foods for Detoxing

  • Lemons

These contain a high amount of Vitamin C, which also strengthens the immune system. Mix it with water and use it as a daily drink. It contains antioxidants which fight off potential toxins in the body.

  • Lime

Lime has a slightly higher content of vitamin C than the other fruits but this also serves as the best detoxification fruit because it helps flush out toxins taken in by the body.

  • Orange

Orange is the most popular detoxification fruit which is the most sought after food because its tangy taste can be tolerated. It is also a favorite among children because it can be made into a juice.

  • Garlic

Garlic helps lower blood pressure, which also detoxifies the body at the same time. It is a natural antibacterial herb which can be applied topically to wounds as a form of detoxification.

  • Green Tea

Not strictly a food but green tea is a detoxifying herb which helps flush out potential toxins of the body. When taken daily, it can provide a natural protection against potential free radicals.

  • Mung Beans

This can be eaten raw or cooked. Mung bean eliminates potential sources of toxins which arise from a high fat and high glucose diet.

  •  Raw Vegetables

These raw vegetables such as lettuce and carrots can be combined as a salad. These detoxify the body by providing the nutrients the body lacks.

  • Seeds And Nuts

These possess high fiber content which can aid in digestion of the large intestine thus promoting rapid elimination of potential toxins.

  • Avocado

It has a high Omega-3 content, which provides lubrication to the intestine promoting a rapid detoxification process.

  • Flax Seed

Flax seed promote easier elimination of stools and can be enhanced by a rapid detoxification process.

  • Apples

Apples contain potassium which restores fluid and electrolyte balance thus promoting detoxification.

  • Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a high fiber food which provides bulk to stool and facilitates rapid elimination of waste.

  • Beetroot

A valuable source of all vitamins and minerals, this food ranks as one of the number 1 detoxifying foods.

  • Dandelions

They are a part of the Standard American Diet which involves foods which are powerpacked with nutrients.

  • Broccoli Sprouts

A vegetable high in fiber this promotes rapid elimination of wastes.

  • Artichoke

They promote mild dieresis, flushing away potential toxins in the body.

  • Tumeric

They detox metabolic pathways of the body which promote a cleaner and healthier body.

  • Asparagus

This is a natural diuretic which repeatedly flushes out toxins out of your body. It also promotes the balance of fluids and electrolytes.

  • Cabbage

This vegetable helps liver synthesize the breakdown of fats faster and it also promotes rapid absorption of nutrients.

  • Grapefruit

Grapefruit increases fiber content in your body which can rapidly eliminate waste accumulated in the body.

  • Kale

This has been endorsed by most celebrity doctors to be incorporated in a 48 hour detoxification process of the wastes accumulated in the body.

  • Olive Oil

This lubricates the intestines making the elimination process easier and it also absorbs the toxins accumulated in our intestines.

  • Seaweed

Seaweed has a lot of antioxidants present in it. It not only provides detoxification and but also can fulfill the daily requirements of iodine.

  • Watercress

It promotes the rapid metabolism of liver by process which helps flush out toxins that can harm your liver.

  • Wheatgrass

The most popular detoxifying food on the market, it has been marketed in the form of juices and shakes. Its alkaline property provides a great pH balance in the blood.

  • Water

Although not a food it is considered the purest of all substances, water is a great detoxifier and it is recommended to drink 1-2L of water per day.

Although not a food it is considered the purest of all substances, water is a great detoxifier and it is recommended to drink 1-2L of water per day.


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