La Vie en Rose – A day at the spa…Step 3

La Vie en Rose – A day at the spa…Step 3

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Step 3. Full Body Brown Sugar Scrub (10-15 minutes)

Full body brown sugar scrub,  A day at the spa… right at home, naturally!

When prepping the bathroom for your spa time you’ll want to place the brown sugar scrub by the tub. The brown sugar scrub contains mosturising almond oil and, of course, gently exfoliating brown sugar.

How to make the scrub:

  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • ½ cup almond oil
  • 20 drops rose oil

Place all ingredients together in a small mixing bowl and gently mix with a fork. Your brown sugar scrub is now ready.

Begin to apply the scrub. Take some with your fingertips and massage the scrub in gentle circular motions into the face and neck for a minute or two.

Massage the scrub gently into the rest of your body. Now that the scrub is applied to the entire body, allow your skin time to soak in the benefits.

Full body brown sugar scrub

Wrap up in a large old towel to help heat the application and allow the antibacterial sugar and the nourishing almond oil to absorb into the skin to improve circulation, assist collagen production and remove toxins.

The scrub also helps restore skin elasticity, tightens pores, and helps dry or itchy skin. Sit 5-7 minutes and soak up the benefits.

Again, hop in the shower and rinse.

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