Health Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Who doesn’t love roses and their stunning aroma? hey have made contributions to myths, legends, and stories. The various colors, sizes, shapes, and fragrances of rose make it suitable for almost any occasion and mood. When it comes to beauty, health, and romance, many have experienced the benefits of roses.

Rose essential oil is known for its beauty and medicinal properties. It can be used as:

  • antiseptic
  • bactericidal
  • antidepressant
  • antiviral
  • laxative
  • astringent
  • aphrodisiac
  • and a lot more.

It contains hundreds of components, which include:

  • Citronellyl Acetate
  • Farnesol
  • Ethanol
  • Citronellol
  • Carvone
  • Citral
  • Methyl Eugenol
  • Stearpoten
  • Phenyl Acetaldehyde
  • Phenyl Geraniol
  • Nonanal, Nerol
  • Phenylmenthyl Acetate.

It created by a simple process called steam distillation. It is extracted from fresh Rosa damascena or Damascus Rose. This species of rose is the most fragrant, has the strongest aroma, and contains much oil.

These are the reasons it is chosen as a natural ingredient for beauty and health treatments. Oils derived from the rose flowers are beneficial to our skin, emotional, and psychological health.

For Beautiful Skin

Rose essential oil has emollient properties essential for moisturizing dry, rough, and flaky skin. It keeps skin smooth by locking in moisture. Its astringent property also aids in lifting and toning skin, making it a great ingredient in lotions and creams.

If you have acne-prone skin, the natural antibacterial properties of rose essential oil can help for its treatment. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidant properties, this oil is also popular in reducing scars caused by chicken pox, boils, acne, and surgery. It speeds up skin’s healing process.

For Calming and Soothing the Body and Mind

The aromatherapy properties of rose essential oil help calm and soothe the body and mind without sedative effects. It is used as an effective remedy for health problems including depression. Rose oil has the ability to fight depression while boosting self-esteem, mental strength, and confidence.

Regular doses of rose essential oil is given to patients undergoing rehabilitation or those who are experiencing acute depression. It helps them push an individual’s self-worth and mood in the right direction.

Known to also relieve anxiety, rose essential oil is also widely used in aromatherapy, promoting spiritual relaxation, happiness, hope, and positive mind. It can be used in inhalations and bath to reduce fatigue and stress. Inhaling this oil helps boost mood and creates a feeling of calmness and stability.

For Reducing Inflammation or Fever

Rose oil is also an antiphlogistic, which means that it helps reduce inflammation or fever. It is known to sedate inflammation due to ingestion of poisonous materials, microbial infection, dehydration, and indigestion as well. With these properties, essential oil is popularly used in reducing arthritis, rheumatism, fever, and gout.

For Detoxifying and Improving Blood Circulation

Rose essential oil is widely used in body massages to improve blood circulation and detoxification. It tones small blood vessels and helps proper blood circulation. It removes and neutralizes toxins, protecting us from cancer, heart diseases, ulcers, rashes, boils, and other serious sicknesses caused by free radicals.

For Uterine Problems in Women

Another benefit of rose essential oil is its ability to trigger menstruation by stimulating hormone secretions. Those who are experiencing irregular and obstructed menses can find this oil very helpful.

Some of the common uterine problems experienced by many women around the world are irregular menstruation, tumors, bleeding, and early menopause. Pre-menstrual syndromes such as hormonal imbalance, mood swings, cramping, bloating, and overeating can also be eliminated with rose essential oil.

For Fighting Bacterial and Viral Infections

The antibacterial and antiviral properties of rose essential oil protect the body against infections. When absorbed by our body cells, this oil increases our body’s resistance from viruses and bacteria attacks.

It acts as shield that protects us against any type of virus. Rose oil is very effective in treating injuries and wounds. It also helps prevent diseases caused by bacteria or virus, such as shingles and herpes.

For Respiratory Relief

Individuals who experience respiratory problems such as cough, bronchitis, asthma, and chest congestion can mix a few drops of oil with boiling water. Inhaling the fumes can bring immediate relief.

For Soothing the Nerves

Rose essential oil contributes to toning and soothers the nerves. When penetrated into the skin with massage, the oil causes the nerves to flow smoothly providing your body a therapeutic effect. It reduces trembling of hands and relieves pain due to arthritis.

For Boosting the Libido

Another popular use of rose essential oil is for boosting the libido, which affects sex life. The romantic, floral scent of the rose oil can arouse a person, helping reduce erectile and sexual dysfunction, disinterest in sexual activity, and frigidity. This can be a reason of others giving roses to their female romantic partner. Rose essential oil, which is very appealing to women, is commonly used in the perfume industry.

For Clearing Bowels

Constipation can be reduced or prevented with essential oils. One of most effective oils for clearing bowels is rose oil. As a laxative, its pleasant smell affects your intestinal and anal muscles to help clear your bowels. It can also be used to massage feet and neck areas, helping you achieve good bowel movement.

For Proper Stomach Function

Rose oil soothes the stomach, helping it function properly, and gives it protection from infections. Ulcers, which is caused by overproduction of acids, can be prevented with rose essential oil. Gas pains, bloating, and heartburn can be avoided with rose oil.


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