Some of The Health Benefits of Having a Massage

Some of The Health Benefits of Having a Massage

Health Benefits of Having a Massage

  • Promotes Relaxation And Reduces Stress

A massage dilates blood vessels, promoting relaxation and thus reducing stress.

  • Encourages More Oxygen Into The Body

A massage enhances deeper breathing which provides a better oxygen delivery through all parts of the body.

  • Helps Improve Posture

Massage promotes flexibility, thus improving posture. This can be ideal for people who have chronic back problems.

  • Promotes Circulation

A massage improves both blood and lymph circulation, which promotes circulation to all parts of the body.

  • Provides a Radiant Glow To Skin

Since a massage promotes blood circulation, it enhances a radiant glow to the skin because of improved circulation.

  • Promotes Joint Flexibility

A massage soothes twisted joints and reduces accumulation of lactic acid which promotes joint flexibility.

  • Provides A Mood Of Serenity

A massage especially when aided with the use of chamomile and other herbs that promote relaxation provides a mood of serenity.

  • Reduces Anxiety

A massage reduces anxiety and promotes utmost relaxation because all of the stresses are eradicated.

  • Enhances Self Awareness

It enhances self awareness because almost all parts of the body are touched and you have a conscious perception of how you body is controlled.

  • Promotes Peace Of Mind

A massage soothes all worries away, promoting peace of mind since all the stresses have disappeared.

  • Healing Power Of A Human Touch

The warmth felt by a human touch is beneficial because it promotes the feeling that we are loved.

  • Relieves Pain

Massage releases endorphins, which prevent the formation of prostaglandin and other elements which cause body pain.

  • Improves Sleep

A massage stimulates the release of melatonin, a substance secreted in the brain causing you to have a more restful sleep.

  • Boosts The Immune System

Studies show that a weekly massage stimulates the release of white blood cells thus enhancing the immune system.

  • Relieve Symptoms Of PMS

PMS symptoms such as bloating and headache can be relieved by a massage since it promotes relaxation and dilation of blood vessels.

  • Boosts Alertness

Since it also enhances circulation to the brain, a massage can boost mental alertness.

  • Relieve Headaches

Studies have proven that a massage can relieve headaches because it promotes relaxation and reduces the perception of pain.

  • Provide a Feeling of Comfort In Cancer Patients

Chronic pain is the common problem among cancer patients especially if they came out of therapy. A massage relieves chronic pain and can promote the feeling of wellness.

  • Promotes a Feeling Of Well Being

A massage promotes relaxation and helps release endorphins or the happy hormone. This provides the feeling of wellness and joy.

  • Promotes Rapid Recovery Of Sports Injuries

A massage can promote rapid recovery of sprains because it promotes circulation and thus results in rapid healing.

  • Helps to Prevents Depression

Endorphins prevent the occurrence of depression, it also has the function to regulate mood because of its stress reducing properties.

Some of the many health benefits of having a massage!


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