De-stress Lavender & Jasmine Bath Tea

De-stress Lavender & Jasmine Bath Tea

Most of us enjoy a good bath. Why not enjoy a bath that gives you twice the benefits of your normal bath. Relax and revitalise with these easy and therapeutic bath teas.

Bath teas involve dried herbs and flowers that are steeped in the bath.

Jasmine & lavender de-stress bath tea

Jasmine & lavender de-stress bath tea

I suggest using a small breathable cotton pouch with a drawstring or a muslin bag. You can also modify a coffee filter, placing the ingredients in the centre and gathering up the sides of the filter with a string or rubber band.

I make a teapot of hot water and steep the teabag in a large pot of hot water for a few minutes before adding it (hot water and all) to the bath. This ensures the ingredients begin steeping and releasing their properties into the bath.

Many ingredients for bath teas can be found at the natural food grocery with bulk teas and herbs. You can also buy most ingredients online.

  • 1/2 cup dried Jasmine
  • 1/2 cup dried lavender
  • 1/2 cup ground oatmeal (you can easily grind this up in your blender)
  • 6-8 drops of Lavender essential oil

Combine the above ingredients and store in a container.

Lavender oil is a natural antiseptic,  sedative, detoxifier and has antibacterial properties. Lavender is also well know for its’s calming, sedative and anti-convulsive effects. It can also increase the effectiveness of other relaxants.

Jasmine like lavender has sedative properties, it can also help to regulate blood circulation and arterial tension. Jasmine is also know for it’s power to eliminate the stress and depression. Although it is probably the most widely known characteristic of this plant is its distinctive and beautiful smell.

The ground oats create a wonderful, soothing, milky feeling bath.

Tip: homemade bath teas are a great gift for any occasion. It is important to indicate the herbs you have used in your recipe. This will be appreciated by the recipient most especially by those who have skin allergies. Package up the tea in a recycled glass jar and decorate with pretty ribbons. Be sure to include the cotton or muslin bags.

Jasmine & lavender de-stress bath tea

Jasmine & lavender de-stress bath tea




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